Speaker of the House Aspirant

Smith intends to be aggressive in putting forth his bold, but balanced initiatives on behalf of the citizens of the Pennsylvania 16th Congressional District. In that regard, should the voters affirm Smith’s bold initiatives and give Smith the honor of representing them in Congress, Smith will place his name into nomination for Speaker of the House of Representatives on the first day of the new Congress. This will bring forward to Washington DC and the Country the bold initiatives that the voters of the 16th District will have put on the table and allow Smith to elevate his service to the citizens of the 16th District. Smith will make the Pennsylvania 16th District a leader in re-establishing America’s historical reputation as a force of progress. Lancaster County, Chester County, and Berks County residents deserve nothing less from their Congressional leader. Furthermore, while Smith is fully supportive of “A Better Deal” unveiled by Washington DC Democratic leaders on July 24th, he would recommend that leadership’s proposed initiatives develop into a bolder plan and a broader plan that includes, among other things, specific tax reforms and a plan that includes a specific healthcare reform initiative.

The Campaign to Elect Richard Smith to Congress

Debate Challenge

Smith challenges Christina Hartman, Jessica King, Charles Klein, John George, and anyone else who joins the congressional race in the 16thDistrict to a minimum of five debates, individually or as a group and each debate at a time and location of their choice, between this coming November and the primary next May. Smith reserves the right to propose additional debates at such possible locations as Franklin and Marshall College, Millersville University, Reading Area Community College, West Chester University, and other congressional district academic institutions.

The Campaign to Elect Richard Smith to Congress

Candidacy Announcement

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Richard Griffiths Smith Jr. of 437 S. West End Ave, Lancaster, PA 17603 formally announces his 2018 Democratic candidacy for Congress in the Pennsylvania 16th Congressional District. Richard Smith is an independent fiscally conservative Democrat who is building a grass roots campaign based on bold but balanced SPECIFIC initiatives which will foster political excitement across the 16th District. Smith is ushering in a new era of solution politics based on specific proposals.

The Campaign to Elect Richard Smith to Congress